Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy July!!

I got my July wreath done on the 4th of July. How appropriate... I'm pretty excited about it, it was a vision one night while I was trying to get to sleep. I even designed my own pattern using PC Stitch. Side note...I love PC Stitch. I upgraded to the pro version for my birthday, best decision. I highly recommend getting the pro version if you don't have it.

I used toilet paper rolls for the fire crackers and wrapped the aida around using glue dots for adhesive. I wrapped 4 different kinds of ribbon around the wreath. (red, white, blue, and gold) And I got the cute firecracker explosion from the dollar store. they were originally balloon weights. I had to rip the bunch of wire out a little cement block, it was kind of tough, but it was worth it.

Happy 4th of July! (and 24th of July to my fellow Utahns).

Apples and Pears

I made this great bag for my cousin last month. I LOVE the way that it turned out. It also made me realize how much I love felt applique, and I will be doing a lot more in the future.

The bag that I bought is an Eco Bag. Its made of recycled cotton.  This cotton is made up of reclaimed post-industrial organic and natural cotton scrap. They are also made under the fair trade, fair labor policy. All in all its one awesome bag.

I got the pattern from issue 248 of CrossStitcher Magazine. I was going to stitch all 4 patterns, but I kind of ran out of time, so on a whim I decided to do two of the patterns out of felt. I'm glad I did, because it turned out so cute!