Saturday, August 31, 2013

I love Somebunny!

It's finally done!! I got a new nephew in June, and was able to gift the blanket a couple of weeks ago.

This is my brothers second child, and for there first, Lily, I made a Somebunny to Love blanket, so I decided to keep the theme and make one for Flint.

Lily's blanket was made about 2 and half years ago. It was the first blanket I made on this fabric, Its pre made, specifically for cross stitch baby blankets. It was a trial figuring it all out, so I think the quality of stitching on Flint's blanket is much better.

I gave Flint a cute little cow that matches the blanket, and Lily promptly stole and snuggled it. I don't blame her. It was super cute and soft.

I got this post all published and remembered that I had done another Somebunny to Love blanket! So I wanted to share that one too. It was made for my Husbands cousin's first child Anna.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Swap Swap Swap

I have not been doing as much swapping these past few months. I'll blame the wedding season for that. I come home from work completely exhausted, take a nap, and then go cater a wedding. There has been no time to stitch. I did manage to get a baby blanket done, but I will post about that later.

I did however find a little time to stitch, but mostly just ATC's. I thought I would share the last few months.

May (Fantasy Theme) - I only did one in May. We went to Zions National Park, and with lots of weddings, that is about all the time I had.

June (Letter B, Camping, Food and Drink Theme) - I did a few more in June. Mostly because I found patterns easily, and they seemed like fun themes.

 July (Birdhouse, Beach, Summer, and Oriental Themes) - I did even more, along with a Christmas ornament.

August has been busy, but I did sign up for a few, stay tuned to see what else I've done.
I also revamped my swap board this afternoon.

XXX Happy Stitching XXX

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Help! What's Next?

I'm totally stumped. I have no idea what to do with this finished project.
I had the idea of making it into a purse, that was why I originally made it. But now that its done and looks so awesome, I don't want to make it into something that's just going to get trashed because I use it all the time, so back to my original statement, I'm totally stumped.

I need some input. Tell me what I should do with this? What would you do?

Material size = 9inX13in" and the Design size = 12inX9.5in
Stitched on 28count gray linen (oh and FYI, this was my first attempt with something other than aida)
I found the patterns in CrossStitcher Magazine, April 2012 issue 251
Designed by Felicity Hall

Color 1 - Dark Blue

Color 2 - Bright Green

Color 3 - Bright Blue

Color 4 - Lighter Green

Finished with Color 5 - Gold

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It Must Run In The Family

This past weekend I got the greatest gift from my Grandma Wilson. She made me the most gorgeous tree skirt. She's so amazingly talented! Grandma has made me other things over the years, so I thought that I would take some pictures and share.

I'm so excited, I am going to have the prettiest Christmas tree this year. I asked her to make it white for me, and I love that she finished it off with sparkly yarn.
Quite a few years ago she made a bunch of these baby blankets and we got to pick what color we wanted. I love love love the teddy bear pattern that she used. I hate having it stored away, I can't wait to use it one day.
The blessing dress is amazing! I also hate keeping this one tucked away. I have to keep telling myself that one day I will get to use it.

Now I'm not sure if she did the cross stitching, I assume she did. But I know that she did the crochet edging which is beautiful. One day when I have a bigger house and a guest bedroom I want to decorate the room around these beautiful pillow cases and show them off.
This is only one Christmas project that she has done for me. I got this one a few year ago.  (Can I have more of these?)
I wish my Christmas decorations were not buried in the closet or I would take pictures of the other ones.
I have the most beautiful Santa which I got years ago. I admit I didn't appreciate it as much when I got it, but now it's one of my favorite decorations that I have. Every year when I open the box I just smile. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing gift made by my amazing Grandmother.
Last year I also got some awesome snowflakes that she crocheted and starched. I have plans for those this it Christmas yet??...only 149 more days!!

I am so lucky to have such an amazing Grandma. Thanks for all that you do, and  inspiring me with your creations.