Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Hoppy" Easter

I have been having fun with Easter projects this year.

Holiday Wreath: 
First up is my revamp of my Easter wreath. It is basically the same, all I did was put the blue ribbon on as well. I thought it brightened it up and made it a bit more fun.

Bunny Finger Puppets: 
Second project is my favorite. I was looking through my old Cross Stitcher Magazines for a good Easter project. I saw these and knew that they would be perfect!  I made a set for my niece Anna (the pink ones), and nephew David (the blue ones).  I let them play with them a few weeks ago and decided it would be a good little project to leave at my Moms house for the kids to play with when they are there.

I made a third set of bunnies for my nephew Magnus as well. I will be giving these to him tomorrow.

Now the coolest part about this project is I sent a picture to Cross Stitcher Magazine and they published it! I was so excited when I was looking through the latest issue and saw them! It was awesome.

Easter Ornament:
Third project was for a swap. We were assigned to make an Easter Ornament. I saw one of my friends on Facebook do this technique and I knew that I needed to try it. The pattern came out of an issue of Cross Stitcher Magazine (I'm not sure what issue, or I would say). I also love the trim that I found at Joann's one day.

I kept thinking of all these other projects that I wanted to do, but I never did. So next year I will have more.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Charity Squares

I saw this group on Facebook and decided to join. It's a group that is going to be making quilts for all the families that are victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. I signed up to stitch a couple of squares, and I think they turned out super cute. I got the designs from Joan Elliot's Cross Stitch Sentiments and Sayings.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

More Swapping

I thought I would post some pictures of some Swaps I have done over the past few months.

April 2012 - Humbug

Humbug I stitched

I was spoiled and received this cute card along with 2 Humbugs!

 May 2012 - Pendibulle

Pendibulle I stitched
Pendibulle I received. Unfortunately it does not have the same ribbon it came with. The dog got it one day and luckily I got it away from him with only the bow torn off...and now that I'm looking at it maybe a jewel is gone as well:(

July 2012 - Christmas Ornament 

Ornament I stitched

Kitty ornament I received along with a bunch of other goodies
Sometimes when people don't receive the items from their assigned partners, angel stitchers are assigned. I really like the way both of these turned out.
Valentine swap replacement. I think this is a terribly silly design but I could not help but stitch it up. My Mom was kind enough to help me sew it together. It turned out great. I also backed the heart in denim, so i thought that was a cute finish.  

Pendibulle replacement. I got this assignment around Christmas time so I thought I would make it Christmas themed. It was stitched on golden aida with flecks of glitter, and I really love the way it turned out.

Friday, March 1, 2013

St. Patty's Wreath Take 2

I was not a fan of last years St. Patrick's wreath, so I decided to try again this year with something different. I'm really liking the result this year, I think this one is a keeper.

 I started by getting onto Google and searching images of St. Patrick's wreaths for inspiration. This was my concept drawing when I started.

First I started with making the bunting. I still had green material from last years project, so I just used that instead of going and finding something else. To cut the bunting triangles I used the best crafting purchase ever, pinking shears! I love these things.
I then traced the triangle shape onto my aida, and stitched the letters with variegated green floss that I have had for ages. I have TONS of variegated floss, I don't think I'll ever be able to use it all.
Next I made the cute little flowers. I love making these, they are so fast and easy! The middle of the flowers are self cover buttons.

I have been trying to use this ribbon that I bought for ages, but I never can figure out what to use it on. This turned out to be the perfect project. The ribbon is woven like aida, I was so excited when I fist found it around Christmas time. Whenever I see it at the store I always buy some. I'll let you imagine how much I actually have...its a lot... So anyways, I was so excited that I got to use it. I stitched little shamrocks on the portion of the ribbon that would actually be showing.

The finished product went up on my door tonight and I am so thrilled with the way it turned out!