Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Book Bags

For Christmas this year I decided to make all of my 10 nieces and nephews book bags for the library. I used a few different books and got a lot of cute patterns, and in the end I think they all turned out super cute.


These were all extremely helpful books. I think I used Happy Stitch and Super Cute Felt the most, but From Felt to Fabulous has some cute patterns in it also.

These first 4 bags were for Hyde, Hattie, Liam, and Elias. They live over in China so I had to finish these fast and get them shipped. It worked out perfectly, they arrived on Christmas!  I think my favorite one out of these 4 is Hattie's. The flowers have buttons in the middle and its just so girly and cute. The Fox is also really cute. I was informed that they loved them and they carry all there toys around and the baby even wanted to sleep with his.

The next 4 were for my two brothers kids. The owl is probably my favorite, even though I love the bees!! The owl goes along with a stuffed animal I made my niece a couple of years ago. The kids were all sick this Christmas so we didn't get to have Christmas until the following weekend. So luckily I had time to procrastinate a little and get these done. I finished David and Jonny's last so I didn't get the best pictures of them.

 The last two turned out sooooo cute! I think I was originally going to make just two bags for Christmas. It was these kids that gave me the idea in the first place. They go to the library all the time so I thought this would be fun gift. Then as I started thinking about it I figured I would just make all the kids one, because they all love books!
The green bunnies for Magnus is due to the fact that when you ask him what he dreams about he will always tell you green bunnies. So right from the start I new I had to do green bunnies. Clive's bag actually was the only one I didn't use the books that I listed. I found the picture on line and just blew it up, and cut it out. The crocodile is because we call him Clive-a-dile. 

The first time they used the bags they were so sweet to send me a picture. 

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