Monday, November 24, 2014

Gifts for Grandparents

Last night I was very productive, and I got two projects framed and ready to go.

One of those projects is for Justin's Dad and his wife. Justin asked me many many months ago to make something for his Dad.  I got it done quite quickly, but then all hell broke loose with getting pregnant, and all the fun that came along with that, and the fun we are having now in the NICU everyday.

Christmas is getting closer, and I remembered this project that I have had stashed away. I got it washed and pressed, and my Mom got a mat cut for me, and presto! We now have a nice gift to give them for Christmas.

It is a Lizzy Kate design, and I think it is pretty cute. I added the "Grandparents for all Seasons" onto the bottom, that was not originally in the design. I had made something like this for Justin's Grandma a while back, and that is what was on it, so I reused the wording.

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