Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SWAP! Part 2

 I have still been having fun doing swaps, so I thought I would share the last two swaps that I have done.

First one was a biscornu exchange. A biscornu is an eight sided pincushion. They look hard to sew together, but actually really easy.

So I sent the one I made to Pennsylvania.
It turned out very bright! But still cute.

The biscornu I received was AMAZING! The picture says it all! MARIO!!

 The other swap was a Halloween magnet. I had fun with this one, cause I love Halloween. And I loved the design that I stitched, I really want to make me one now.  I even got to send it to Bulgaria.

The magnet I got was very cute! It will probably be on my fridge all year round.

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  1. What wonderful pieces. I absolutely adore the Biscornus :)