Thursday, April 18, 2013

Still Swapping

I've been wanting to share the latest swaps that I have done. It took all my control to wait this long. I love love love the way all these projects turned out.

First up is my best biscornu ever! I always have the worst time sewing these together. I don't ever count right and get it lined up bad, but this one was a breeze, it came together so beautifully.

 I'm really excited about the one that I received as well. Its so pretty. I guess I'm going to have to go buy me some more pins to put in it.

Second is an awesome bookmark. Have I mentioned that I love black work? Yes, I know that I have. Its so much fun. I wish I would of taken a picture of the back, It's backed with some cute black and white material.

.  The bookmark that I received is tucked away in a good book.
Last up is an ornament that is suppose to be animal themed. I got kind of tired stitching this one, It took too long for my liking. But I came so close to keeping it for myself because I love the way it looks. So I might just have to make me a version of it sometime.

I used 11 count aida. Side note, I discovered that Walmart sells aida, and its so cheap. I will forever now buy my white aida from there. I got the turtle shape from issue 235 of Cross Stitcher Magazine. So I traced the shell shape onto the white aida and went from there. I made up the actual stitching pattern myself. Not that big of a deal as you can see. Its a super simple repetitive pattern. I then used felt for the head, feet and tail. And I got to use my sewing machine!

I actually haven't mailed my turtle yet, but I have received this super cute birdie ornament.

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