Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Help! What's Next?

I'm totally stumped. I have no idea what to do with this finished project.
I had the idea of making it into a purse, that was why I originally made it. But now that its done and looks so awesome, I don't want to make it into something that's just going to get trashed because I use it all the time, so back to my original statement, I'm totally stumped.

I need some input. Tell me what I should do with this? What would you do?

Material size = 9inX13in" and the Design size = 12inX9.5in
Stitched on 28count gray linen (oh and FYI, this was my first attempt with something other than aida)
I found the patterns in CrossStitcher Magazine, April 2012 issue 251
Designed by Felicity Hall

Color 1 - Dark Blue

Color 2 - Bright Green

Color 3 - Bright Blue

Color 4 - Lighter Green

Finished with Color 5 - Gold


  1. A throw pillow, pillow case, or a quilt? Make 9-12 and I will make a quilt!

  2. it lovely, sorry but i can't come up with any clever ideas - i always have the same problem as you!