Thursday, August 15, 2013

Swap Swap Swap

I have not been doing as much swapping these past few months. I'll blame the wedding season for that. I come home from work completely exhausted, take a nap, and then go cater a wedding. There has been no time to stitch. I did manage to get a baby blanket done, but I will post about that later.

I did however find a little time to stitch, but mostly just ATC's. I thought I would share the last few months.

May (Fantasy Theme) - I only did one in May. We went to Zions National Park, and with lots of weddings, that is about all the time I had.

June (Letter B, Camping, Food and Drink Theme) - I did a few more in June. Mostly because I found patterns easily, and they seemed like fun themes.

 July (Birdhouse, Beach, Summer, and Oriental Themes) - I did even more, along with a Christmas ornament.

August has been busy, but I did sign up for a few, stay tuned to see what else I've done.
I also revamped my swap board this afternoon.

XXX Happy Stitching XXX

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