Saturday, August 31, 2013

I love Somebunny!

It's finally done!! I got a new nephew in June, and was able to gift the blanket a couple of weeks ago.

This is my brothers second child, and for there first, Lily, I made a Somebunny to Love blanket, so I decided to keep the theme and make one for Flint.

Lily's blanket was made about 2 and half years ago. It was the first blanket I made on this fabric, Its pre made, specifically for cross stitch baby blankets. It was a trial figuring it all out, so I think the quality of stitching on Flint's blanket is much better.

I gave Flint a cute little cow that matches the blanket, and Lily promptly stole and snuggled it. I don't blame her. It was super cute and soft.

I got this post all published and remembered that I had done another Somebunny to Love blanket! So I wanted to share that one too. It was made for my Husbands cousin's first child Anna.